What do I need to supply to have a website designed?


You need to supply all the content required, such as logos, photographs, graphics & text. If you have already catalogues, brochures, price lists in place most of your job is done. A photo or image that is of good quality can make a good impression on visitors to your website. Acceptable formats for photos are: jpeg, gif or tif files. If you cannot provide these formats, send us what you have and we will do our very best to convert them into a suitable format. Professional photographs cannot be used as they are copyright material, unless permission is obtained in writing. All written content to be supplied by you in text format in either Microsoft Word or from a basic text editor such as notepad. Plan ahead the colour schemes, backgrounds, the look & feel you want to achieve, whether you are after a theme to your site, such as corporate theme, elegant, retro, or just plain and simple. Also if you are wanting extra visual effects or features for your site, Visualeyez can design these features for you from, Galleries, Interactive Forms..).

What is Web Hosting?


A Web Host is a location for your website to be stored on a server which can host your Domain name and be visible on the Internet. A Domain points to a server on the internet which has an IP Address, (eg. http://) .Your website is a 24-hour representation of your business, your image, and available to everyone in the world who is connected to the internet. If you haven't already arranged a host for your website, Visualeyez Hosting can help, our web hosting service is fast, reliable, and also will suit the budgets of small business owners and scalable hosting solutions that grow with the success of your business.

What is a Domain Name?


A Domain Name is your online identity, a unique name that personalizes your website address and your email addresses. In simple terms a domain name is an address on the internet and allows your website to be found. Where the domain name is prefixed by "www" (www.yourname.com.au), and email addresses, where the domain name follows the '@' symbol ( info@yourname.com.au).